What Type of Lawyer Are You? Take Our Personality Quiz and Find Out!

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Have you ever wondered what type of lawyer you would make?

Perhaps you’re the kind of person who would thrive in the courtroom, or maybe you prefer a more behind-the-scenes approach to legal work.

With our personality quiz, you can discover your legal personality and find out what type of lawyer you’re meant to be! 

Answer a few simple questions, and our quiz will provide you with personalized results that will help guide you on your legal career path.

Whether you’re just starting out in law school or you’re already a practicing advocate, our quiz is a fun and engaging way to explore your strengths and interests as a legal professional. 

So why wait? Take our personality quiz today and find out what type of lawyer you are!

  1. 1 What is your preferred way of working?

    1. Working alone
    2. Working with a team
    3. A mix of both
    4. I don't mind either way
  2. 2 What area of law do you find most interesting?

    1. Criminal law
    2. Corporate law
    3. Intellectual property law
    4. Environmental law
  3. 3 How do you approach problem-solving?

    1. Rationally and logically
    2. Creatively and outside-the-box
    3. Collaboratively with others
    4. Intuitively and instinctively
  4. 4 What type of work environment do you thrive in?

    1. Fast-paced and high-pressure
    2. Relaxed and low-key
    3. Varied and flexible
    4. Structured and organized
  5. 5 What is your communication style?

    1. Straightforward and concise
    2. Persuasive and convincing
    3. Diplomatic and tactful
    4. Warm and friendly
  6. 6 What are your career aspirations?

    1. To make a positive impact on society
    2. To become a high-powered lawyer
    3. To work for a prestigious law firm
    4. To pursue a legal career that allows for work-life balance
  7. 7 How do you handle stress?

    1. By taking time for self-care and relaxation
    2. By pushing through and working harder
    3. By reaching out for help and support from others
    4. By addressing the root cause of the stress and finding a solution
  8. 8 What motivates you?

    1. Doing work that aligns with my values and beliefs
    2. Being recognized and rewarded for my accomplishments
    3. Working towards a greater purpose or cause
    4. Challenging myself and learning new things
  9. 9 What are your strengths?

    1. Analytical thinking and attention to detail
    2. Persuasion and negotiation
    3. Creativity and problem-solving
    4. Organization and planning
  10. 10 How do you want to impact the world through your legal career?

    1. By advocating for justice and equality
    2. By helping businesses succeed and grow
    3. By protecting creative works and innovations
    4. By making a positive impact on the environment

What Type of Lawyer Are You? Take Our Personality Quiz and Find Out!

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  1. Quiz result


    You are motivated by making a positive impact on society and advocating for justice.

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  2. Quiz result


    You are driven by success and recognition and are suited for a high-powered legal career.

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  3. Quiz result


    You are creative and enjoy problem-solving, making you well-suited for intellectual property law.

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  4. Quiz result


    You value work-life balance and are best suited for a legal career that offers flexibility and structure. 

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Shazayb Tanveer

Advocate Madras High Court, Founder of Lawyers Troop.




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