Founded by an inquisitive Lawyer, is an all encompassing hub for Law students or any person seeking reliable, precise legal acumen.

This site has been an aftermath of pondering over variables of the legal fraternity and is aimed at making Law subjects easier, understandable and student-oriented.

The underlining of Lawyers Troop is to establish a community of conscious, efficient and informed law professionals. A community made of aspiring lawyers; go getters, non conformists and knowledge-hungry students.

The main plan of action for Lawyers Troop is to integrate with organisations and make legal events and occasions informed and accessible to students so that no curious mind goes unaware of a thriving opportunity.

Founder is a brainchild of a humble yet far-sighted young man, Shazayb Tanveer. who does not shy away from endeavors.

Md Shazayb Tanveer S is an Advocate, Entrepreneur and Social Activist. He founded in 2020 while he was in law school and is currently practicing at Hon’ble Madras High Court.

Along with, Shazayb has also been an enthusiastic mooter, a debater, VP of his student union, and a proud creator of Law Life Memes (LLM), a booming meme page on the gram.

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